Factory Technical Training

  • Continental Aerospace Technologies™ has developed the Aviation Technician Advanced Training Program for certified aviation technicians.

    The program can be followed for AvGas as well as Jet-A (Diesel) engines.

    The AvGas program is held in Mobile, AL (USA) and the Jet-A program is held in both Mobile (USA) and St. Egidien (Germany)

    Factory Training
    • Aviation Technician Factory Training Course

      The course is designed as a refresher for the certified technicians on Continental® current production piston engines and covers the following subject areas:

      • General engine theory of operation.
      • Crankcase Threading.
      • Crankshaft component R & R.
      • Cylinder R & R.
      • Fuel Injection System Calibration.
      •  100-hour/annual inspection topics.
      •  Cylinder borescope inspections.
      •  Continental® ignition systems hands-on to include tear down and setting internal timing.
      •  Service bulletin exercises to really get you into using our manuals.

      Quality and Accuracy are the watchwords we live by and our instructional staff has years of experience in the aviation and instructional arenas. The training course is held at our factory in Mobile, AL (USA). The entire factory is at your disposal to insure you get the best classroom instructional learning experience.

      Tuition for the course is $ 350.00 and includes Training materials.

    • Diesel Technician Factory Training Course

      We train FBO and mechanics to carry out service for our Continental® Jet-A engines at Mobile, AL (USA) and St. Egidien (Germany).

      The main purpose of this seminar is to familiarize and train inspectors, certifying staff and mechanics to perform regular maintenance and diagnoses on Continental®Diesel TMG engines. Additionally, you will gain special skills for efficient fault isolation procedures as well as quick and safe diagnoses. This is required to become an authorized Continental® Jet-A TMG maintenance organization according to the Service Bulletin "TM TAE 000-0003".

      • Engine Performance
      • Engine Construction
      • Engine Fuel Systems
      • Fuel injection systems
      • Engine controls
      • FADEC
      • Starting and Ignition Systems
      • Induction, Exhaust and Cooling Systems
      • Supercharging/Turbocharging
      • Lubricants and Fuels
      • Lubrication Systems
      • Engine Indication Systems
      • Powerplant Installation
      • Engine Monitoring and Ground Operation
      • Engine Storage and Preservation

      Tuition for the course at the Mobile, Alabama, facility is $950.00. Tuition for the course at the German facility is €981,75. Training materials and lunch included in fees. 


    Continental®, Inc
    2039 South Broad Street
    36615 Mobile, Alabama

    For More information call 1-888-826-5465

    Continental® GmbH
    Platanenstr. 14
    09356 St. Egidien

    For More information call +49 37204 696 0

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    Factory Training Dress Code

    Acceptable Unacceptable
    Closed toe shoes, dressy sport or well kept athletic shoes (For safety's sake, open toe/heel shoes are not allowed in production work areas; steel toe shoes are required) Beach shoes and unkept athletic shoes
    Denim jeans (no rips, holes, or exposed undergarments), slacks, pants, skirts, pant suits Shorts, cut-offs, sweatpants
    T-shirts, Skirts, blouses, sweaters, shirts with collars Tank tops, halter tops, midriff, plunging necklines, backless tops/dresses


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