• The CD-135 is a state-of-the-art kerosene piston aircraft engine with many innovative features including electronic engine management (FADEC), a gearbox with torsional damper and adaption of its fuel system for kerosene. As a result, it offers excellent safety, comfort, cost-effectiveness and overall performance when compared to conventional avgas engines.


    • Electronic engine and prop management with single-lever control.
    • Electronic data logging to record all the engine data during flight. The data recording and storage is comparable to the black box used in jets. Data can therefore be saved and used for the maintenance, fault analysis and ongoing improvement of the engine.
    • Ease of maintenance.
    • Modern technology in the overall design, components, materials and production process (traceability back to molten mass).


    • Single-lever control reduces the pilot workload. No adjustments of levers for load, mixture, revs, prop settings etc. are necessary.
    • Automatic run-up check
    • Kerosene and diesel (DIN EN590) are usable together in any combination. Over 99.5 per cent of delivered aviation fuel worldwide is kerosene.
    • Faster maintenance, repair and overhaul means the aircraft doesn’t have to be grounded for weeks.

    Cost Effectiveness

    • Reduction of operating costs by up to 60 per cent due to low fuel consumption and price
    • Lower training costs


    • Excellent climb performance up to 13,500 ft; approved to 18,000 ft
    • 135 hp take-off power and 122 hp at 10,000 ft
    • 97 hp cruise power at 17,500 ft
    • Longer range