CD300 ‒ Series

  • The latest addition to the family of Diesel engines, the CD300 offers up to 300 hp. Certified by EASA, it offers all the benefits of the CD-100 series:

    • Dual Redundant FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control),
    • Modern Common Rail Fuel Injection,
    • Dual Alternator,
    • Dual Turbo Charging System,
    • Single Lever Thrust Control.

    The CD300 is the engine of choice for those who need raw power in a small footprint without compromise where performance is concerned.

    CD300 Series Engine

    The CD-300 is a 4-valve, 6-cylinder Diesel engine in V configuration with Common Rail Direct Injection. The engine is Twin-Turbo-charged, Liquid-Cooled and incorporates a Wet Oil Sump as well as a Dual Redundant FADEC System, Integrated Gearbox and Propeller Governor. Take-Off is 296.4 HP @ 2300 RPM. EASA Certified, FAA Validation Pending.

    Certified fuels



    2987 cm³182.3


    221 kW296.4 hp


    918 Nm677 ft.lbs

    Maximum Propeller RPM

    2300 r/min

    Bore x Stroke

    83 x 92 mm3.26 x 3.62 in

    Compression ratio



    695 mm27.4 in


    770 mm30.3 in


    980 mm38.6 in

    Dry Weight

    248.5 kg547.8 lbs

    Cruise Fuel Consumption

    34.9 liters/hr9.2 gallons/hr

    Time Between Replacement

    Projected TBR is 2000 hrs

    CD-300 Details

    Model CD-300
    Cylinders 6
    METO Power @ RPM 221 kW @ 2300 300 hp @ 2300
    Bore x Stroke 83 x 92 mm 3.26 x 3.62 in
    Displacement 2987 cm³ 182.3
    Dry Weight Basic Engine 248 kg 548 lbs
    Fuel Grade Jet-A1
    Compression Ratio 15.5:1
    Recommended TBR Projected 2000 hrs