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Kit Plane Engine Choices

  •  "Velocity uses the Continental IO-550 and TSIO-550 engines in our XL and TXL models. Continental engines consistently exhibit strong and smooth performance, and are very fuel-efficient. Installations are straightforward and customer service and technical support are first class. Velocity highly recommends Continental engines when choosing an engine for your project."

    John Abraham
    Chief Pilot, Executive V.P. Sales and Marketing
    Velocity Inc

    "We ship Zenith kits around the world and Continental engines are well known and supported in all the markets that we ship kits to. Their engines have a great reputation among pilots and they are a popular choice with our kit customers.

    Our kit aircraft customers can choose which engine type to install in their Zenith kit, and many choose the Continental engine after researching all the different available engines. They work well, perform great, and represent good value!

    We at Zenith are very excited about the Jet-A diesel engines from Continental for our kit aircraft designs, especially for our four-seat utility STOL CH 801 aircraft. Jet-A diesel fuel is more readily available [than avgas] in many developing markets and helps us grow our sales in these new aviation markets"

    Sebastian Heintz
    Zenith Aircraft Company 

     When You Think of Flight, Think Continental Motors!

    Continental Motors brings to the Kit Plane market a wide range of aviation gasoline and Jet-A diesel engine products as shown below. We are known for our 100 year history and millions of flight hours’ worth of experience with our avgas engines in varying weights, compression ratios and horsepower. With a focus toward the future and global marketplace, our product line expands to include the internationally certified Centurion diesel engines and abounding STC’s.

    Currently powering numerous aircraft, the electronically managed, diesel series ranges in horsepower from 135-245 with ongoing development to expand power ranges. A few of the significant benefits are global fuel availability, pricing, and efficiency resulting in reduced operating costs for many parts of the world.

    On the avgas side of the product line, Continental Gold Standard Engines offer enhanced features, formerly available only on the Platinum and Special Edition engines. Enhancements made possible by Continental’s continued investment in technology and manufacturing as many can attest to if they’ve been on a factory tour.

    Since engine cylinders are many times top of mind, we might mention that our cylinders have several new features including plateau honed finish resulting in less friction, advanced automotive-style one-step valve guide and seat machining for excellent valve sealing and high flow venturi intake valve seats allowing for improved flow and efficiency.

    With manufacturing facilities in the USA and Germany, a worldwide distribution and service network, factory service centers, and technical/sales team spread across many continents; the company is positioned to meet the needs of all varieties of GA pilots and owners around the world.

    Continental Motors' engines power many of the winning aircraft at
     the world renowned Reno Air Races in Nevada every year. 


    Continental's Engine Matrix:
    Engine Model Horsepower Weight (lb)
    O200     95-100 199-224
    IO/IOF240 125 240-248
    IO/TSIO/LTSIO 360 195-225 284-343
    IO/TSIO/GTSIO520 285-375 395-485
    IO/IOF/TSIO/TSIOF550 280-350 401-558
    C2.0/2.0S Diesel 135-155 295
    TD/TDR 300 Diesel 230-245 460














    Kit Aircraft Powered by Continental Motors' Engines 

    O200 Engine   Mini-IMP   Midget Mustang

     Engine O200 170x170

       Kit Aircraft - Mini Imp    Kit Plane - Midget Mustang
    Texas Sport TX-3   Zenith STOL CH750 and 650   Kitfox S7 Super Sport
     Kit Planes - Texas Sport    Kit Plane - Zenith    Kit Planes - Kitfox 170x170
    Fisher Flying Celebrity Horizon        
     Kit Planes - Celebrity Horizon        


    IO240 Engine   Kitfox S7 Super Sport    
     Engine IO240 170x170    Kit Planes - Kitfox 170x170    


    IO550 Engine   Lancair Legacy   Velocity XL-FG, FG5, RG
     Engine IO550N 170x170    Kit Planes Lancair Legacy    Kit Planes - Velocity


    TSIO550 Engine   Velocity TXL-RG-5   Lancair IV, IV-P
     Engine TSIO550 170x170    Kit Planes - Velocity    Kit Planes - Lancair IV,IV-P


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