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    The quality of a company is expressed through the quality of its leadership. For over 100 years, Continental Motors has benefited by strong, decisive leaders at its helm, dedicated to the core values of employee and shareholder commitment, customer value, product quality, and technical innovation.

    These qualities live on today. The men and women now guiding Continental have the experience, the expertise, the values, and the will to keep Continental Motors what it has always been – a great company.

    Executive Biographies

    Rhett Ross

    Shan Tian
    Senior Vice President,
    International  Business Development

    Susan Ames
    Vice President,
    Human Resources

    Ken Suda
    Executive Vice President,
    Global Operations

    Stephen Ginger
    Senior Vice President,
    General Counsel

    Johnny Doo
    Senior Vice President,
    Sales, Marketing and Customer Support

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