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    Our Accomplishments


    Continental Motors, Inc. has been a recognized world leader in the development of aviation products. Our aircraft piston engine leadership stretches from the A-70 radial engine, which established a new level of smoothness and reliability, to the engines for the Voyager aircraft, which successfully circumnavigated the globe without refueling. Whenever breakthroughs were made, we were there. From the Piper Cub to the setting of world altitude records for manned piston aircraft, Continental has led the way. We were the first to introduce the horizontally opposed cylinder configuration to help increase aircraft speeds and the first to introduce both fuel injection and turbo-charging in general aviation aircraft. We delivered cutting edge technology with our Full Authority Electronic Controls (FADEC) and service system to piston powered general aviation aircraft. Visit our Advanced Technology Section to stay current with Continental’s new development initiatives. We also gain a competitive edge from our diversity.

    Best of all we deliver all of this to you with a complete set of product choices at competitive prices. All delivered with exceptional quality, service, and value. We are Continental Motors and we’re proud to continue a rich tradition of excellence.

  • A Century of Innovation




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