•  1905 – Creation of original Continental Motors, Muskegon, Michigan 
    • 1906 – Type “O” 45-hp engine is developed to power aircraft
    • 1929 – A-70 radial, seven cylinder engine is introduced
    • 1930 – A-40 four-cylinder engine is introduced to aircraft
    • 1936 – W670 radial is developed
    • 1938 – A-50 is added to the lineup to power the Piper Cub and Taylorcraft
    • 1940 – A65 engine is developed and widely used for the Grasshopper fleet.
    • 1945 – Six-cylinder E-185 developed for Beechcraft Bonanza
    • 1946 – After the war light plane industry expands rapidly.  Continental sold 34,358 engines.
    • 1950s – A-65 developed into the more powerful C-90 and eventually to the 100-hp C-200. The latter powered one of the most important airplanes ever: the Cessna 150.
    • 1954 – O300A, successor to the C-145 powered many aircraft including Cessna, Taylorcraft and Aeronca.
    • 1960s – Turbocharging and fuel-injection are brought to general aviation by Continental Motors
    • 1964 - Jerrie Mock was the first woman to fly around the world solo. She flew a Cessna 180 powered by Continental’s O- 470.
    • 1966 – Continental Motors opens location in Mobile, Alabama. 
    • 1984 – Continental produces TSIO-520-BE for Piper Malibu. It sets new efficiency targets for piston engines
    • 1986 - Powered by Continental Motors’ engines, the Rutan Voyager is the first piston-powered aircraft to circumnavigate the world without refueling
    • 1997 – NASA selects Continental to develop and produce GAP, a new 200-hp engine that operates on Jet-A fuel
    • 1999 – Continental develops and tests its first FADEC-equipped engine
    • 2002 – FADEC IOF240 and IOF550 series engines Type Certified
    • 2004 – Columbia Aircraft begins production of the 400 using Continental’s TSIO-55-C. Liberty Aerospace certifies the new XL2 Aircraft with Continental’s FADEC IOF240B.
    • 2009 – Continental develops and FAA certifies the O200 Lightweight Engine. With a reduced weight of 199 lbs. it is best in class for all training aircraft worldwide
    • 2010 – Continental launches Turbo Diesel Series engine and unleaded gasoline development 
    • 2011 – Flight Design selects Continental’s new IO360-AF (Alternative Fuel) engine for their four seat C4 aircraft.
    • 2012 - TSIO550-N1B Factory Turbocharged Engine is Type Certified for the Turbo Normalized Cirrus SR22. 
    • 2012 -Continental introduces the O-200-AF (alternative fuel) engine combining lightweight with options for alternative fuel. 
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