Stock Engines

  • Welcome to Continental Motors Services (CMS) Stock Viewer.  Here you will find a list of engines that are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. 


    How to Buy


    Simply click on the engine you want and you will be taken to an Engine Inquiry Page where you can get pricing and delivery information directly from a CMS representative.


    Check back often as engines will be added and sold frequently.


    Prices apply to engines with flat tappets.  Add $1,000 for roller tappet design.

  • ModelSpecAvail. DateList PriceLast UpdatedGet A Quote
    02000200D2BREPAIRED - SN 1004075Call02/09/2018Get a Quote
    O235L2CL-13902-15OVERHAULEDCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
    O320D3GL-15449-39AOVERHAULEDCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
    O235L2CL-21384-15OVERHAULEDCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
    O235L2CL-25290-15OVERHAULEDCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
    O320E2DL-28569-27AIN PROCESS OF OVERHAULCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
    O200A84EN16HA188NEW PARTS OVERHAULCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
    IO240B33EN17HA135NEW PARTS OVERHAULCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
    IO360M1ARL-16629-51EOVERHAULEDCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
    O360A4MRL-34325-36AOVERHAULEDCall02/09/2018Get a Quote
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